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Who am I?

Javi, born in '88 in Madrid, Spain, lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dynamic, open-minded, geek, creative, team worker, self-motivated and maker of mistakes. Eager for new challenges, I make things for mobile.

Music, climb and snowboard fan, loves travelling.

Working at @twc_apps.
Expat in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Working Experience

- Mobile Software Developer - TWC

Mobile iOS application development.

- Mobile Software Developer - The Mobile Company

Mobile application development, iOS and Android.

Architecture design on the company mobile projects based on different technologies. Internal libraries development. Scrum Methodology. Main responsible of SVN to Git migration. Main responsible for the introduction of build automation and deployment for iOS and Android. Git server maintenance, Git and CI instructor.

- Lead Mobile Software Developer - Papolog (Officially shutdown.)
This information is maintained on this page for historical purposes.

Main responsible for development, planning and programming native applications for mobile, iOS, Android and web mobile HMTL5. Design mobile application based on MVC architecture.

- Mobile Software Developer - TAPTAP Networks

Mobile software development for iOS and Android. Integration of several mobile adServers (Mocean Mobile, GoldSpot Media, iAds, Google Ads...) Management and systems administration.

- Software Engineer - INDRA

Banksphere Developer/Analyst for ISBAN (Banco Santander).



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