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Who am I?

Javi, born in '88 in Madrid, Spain, lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Dynamic, open-minded, geek, creative, team worker, self-motivated and maker of mistakes. Eager for new challenges, I make things for mobile.

Music, climb and snowboard fan, loves travelling.

Expat in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Working Experience

- Mobile Software Developer - Suitsupply

As a Lead Mobile Software developer for iOS, I’m in charge of the iOS and tvOS projects for the brand, all of them customer focus delivered to the AppStore. As a highlight, I’m a Mobile Chapter Lead, try to develop and mentor the mobile tribe, to accomplish this we run a bi-weekly meeting where I try to share something new with the tribe, this can be done via presentation or a code demo, always trying to focus on new technologies and architectures. Besides that I’ve been part of the tech leadership team, trying to make the company structure and tools better.

- Mobile Software Developer - TWC

As a main Mobile Software developer for iOS, I’ve developed a framework for different Disney International projects. Also, I’ve been acting as an advisor and trainer on iOS platform and Git version control.

- Mobile Software Developer - The Mobile Company

Mobile application development, iOS and Android.

I’ve been part of the The Mobile Company team for nearly 2 and half years at the position of experienced mobile developer. I was involved in the architecture design on the company’s mobile projects and internal libraries development. Mainly iOS and Android platforms.

Highlights of my work in the company were the migration from SVN to Git, and being Git instructor. Main responsible for build automation and deployment for iOS and Android.

- Lead Mobile Software Developer - Papolog (Officially shutdown.)
This information is maintained on this page for historical purposes.

As a main mobile developer at Papolog I was part of the software team developing and maintaining the iOS app launched internationally. The project was a large scale social network for Music Artists.

- Mobile Software Developer - TAPTAP Networks

I joined the newly created software development team of TAPTAP Networks as a junior mobile developer. Although as I started a junior, quickly I promoted to a main developer for the SDK development, integration and optimization of several AdSevers for the different platforms iOS and Android. I developed a few rebranding native projects of online newspapers and advergaming, but also promotional mobile web landing pages. During the last months I was working with direct collaboration with CTO in management, system administration and advertising campaigns optimizations.

- Software Engineer - INDRA

After finishing my studies I started to work at Indra for Isban factory Santander Group’s banking software using their own tool called Banksphere, using Java, Javascript and XML, mainly for transactions and ATMs interfaces.



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